Positive cultures achieve greater results

The ultimate competitive advantage is to create a positive culture that unleashes talent and engagement. The best cultures have eight ingredients in common. This course is to give you a unique access to tools and ideas to create these conditions; and a science-based method to measure progress.
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Positive cultures achieve greater results

What you'll learn

A perfect blend of top University courses and real practice

  • Measure Happiness

    Science-based culture audit. Discover your organization's strengths and opportunities.

  • Get inspired

    Get ideas, examples and inspiration from companies around the world leading the positive culture revolution

  • Design your own plan

    Build your organization's ad-hoc plan to measure and increase happiness at work and share it on a 1-to-1 with your instructor.

Course curriculum

Featured Instructure

20 years' experience in positive leadership


    CEO Happiest Places to Work | Feel Logic


    Silvia Garcia is the CEO of Happiest Places to work.org As International Director of The Happiness Institute for Coca-Cola she was highly acclaimed for applying the latest knowledge on happiness to employees, strategy and brands alike; creating communication campaigns that spoke both to the heart and the mind. She proved the impact of increasing employees happiness on the business results, and created new brands and products that gained immediate consumer love. Her speeches have been told to change “​lives and companies”​ . Silvia is one of the top worldwide leaders on happiness and, as such, she is annually invited by United Nations to discuss the estate of happiness in the world.

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Course Bonuses

In addition to full course access, you will also receive:

  • One-on-one coaching sesion

    Receive personalized feedback on your final project to increase happiness at your workplace.

  • Online and offline tools

    Measure happiness, job-crafting for higher autonomy and purpose, personal values and skills founder; and more.

  • Discounts

    Enjoy a 15% discount on all our services: culture audits, training, coaching and elevating speeches.

What people are saying:

Our organization has quickly leveled up!

I cannot believe how far our organization has gone since I signed up all the leadership team to this course. Engagement and teams' collaboration has soared.

We've become the chosen employer for Millennials!

This course helped us reshape our culture to attract and retain top talent among the new generations, making happiness at work our culture flagship.